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Low testosterone can cause a decrease in energy and libido and cause you to gain fat? Click Here to find out more...

Testosterone is the male hormone. It is highly prominent in men, but is also found in women. If the balance of testosterone in the body is off in the slightest, you can suffer side effects such as sluggishness, lowered sex drive and increases in fat production. These side effects can be seen in both men and women. There is generally a negative stigma attached to Testosterone, but it is a natural hormone that sometimes can become unbalanced just like any other hormone in your body. Stress and environmental issues can affect testosterone levels and cause even more stress when you lose energy, your libido and your battle with the bulge. Does taking testosterone make me look like a hulking body builder? Not if you are taking testosterone in the correct dosage to bring balance to your hormone levels. If I'm a woman will testosterone make me manly? Once again, in the prescribed dosage it is only meant to bring balance and harmony to your body. After you have met with your prescriber for testing, you may begin treatment if it is deemed necessary.

The treatment options for low testosterone are only limited by the imagination thanks to our extensive compounding facility. After your prescriber has tested your hormone levels, he/she will decide on a therapy that will bring your body back in harmony. The prescriber will also determine what dosage form will work best for you and we will create it in our lab based on their recommendations. There are several forms testosterone can be given, each with its pros and cons. As a cream or gel, it is very convenient and easily absorbed but be aware that no one may contact the site of absorption or they will be exposed to the hormone. An injectable is the most common dosage form and is the least expensive option given on a weekly basis. The problem with injectables is that you may experience a deficit between injections. In troche form, you dissolve the medication in between your cheek and gum, and is a daily medication. No matter what dosage form you choose, testosterone therapy does come with its share of warnings.

In most cases, you will not experience any adverse side effects or issues and will only find the balance you are looking for. In the rare case that you run into a problem, there are some things to look out for. If you are a man and experience tenderness or enlarged breasts or testicle shrinkage, this may be a sign that your testosterone level is getting too high. In women, if you notice any change in voice, hair growth or clitoris size, you may also be getting too much testosterone. In either sex, aggression, mood swings and acne can be associated with a high testosterone level or signal abuse. One thing to keep in mind with testosterone therapy is it is an indefinite therapy. Once you begin taking testosterone to reach a certain level, discontinuing therapy may cause your testosterone level to drop. This is not a cure but a supplement as is the case with most hormone replacement therapy. This should not discourage the use of hormone replacement therapy, rather it should encourage you to maintain your therapy and to keep an eye on any symptoms you may notice.

If you notice you've become sluggish, lost your sex drive or have begun gaining weight, you may need to speak to your doctor about beginning hormone replacement therapy such as testosterone replacement. If testing reveals low levels, your prescriber may write a prescription to fit your needs. Keep an eye out for any side effects after you begin therapy and contact your prescriber immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Now you know!

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