Gout Pain - Testimonial

A patient recently came to our store to fill a prescription for pain associated with gout pain and our pharmacy owner, Eddie O'Bannon, was able to intervene and introduce him to a compounded medication to treat the gout. This is his testimonial:

Gout is an extremely painful condition in which a joint, such as the big toe, experiences a build up of uric acid and becomes inflamed and sore to the touch, swollen and hot. Build up of Uric acid crystals in the joint is usually brought on by a diet consisting of high amounts of alcohol and/or red meat. Uric acid usually is absorbed by the blood and is processed by the kidneys and expelled by urination. When the uric acid isn't filtered properly, it can build up in joints and cause gout pain.

If you feel you may be suffering from gout or are actively treating gout, speak to your physician and speak to them about treatment options such as our compounded gout treatment.


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